USS Andromeda – Jul 20

USS Andromeda – Jul 20


Sim Updates

No website updates

Crew Updates

Crew Updates
New crew – No new crew but did deactivate two characters no longer active.
Positions still open are: Chief Engineering officer, Chief Diplomatic Officer, and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

Licking their wounds from the last attempt to take down the planet killer the crews of the USS Andromeda, Merlin and Europa regroup and focus on repairing and getting ready to go up against this beast once more. Aware that its heading in the direction of the Agora Crossroads warnings are issued.

Science officers find an interesting trace of a biological element having briefly been on the Planet killer during its “communication” which they want to try find out more about. They nickname this “Ecto.”

Our new deputy chief of science settles in making a bad impression on some. Eddie struggles to forgive Tia for her shooting him and everyone is still dealing with the aftermath that MU Amelia left in her wake.

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