USS Andromeda – Jun 20

USS Andromeda – Jun 20


Sim Updates

After audit, made changes required ensuring that the PG 13 was clear and there was a link to the Fleet. Next time we will hopefully get that 5/5. I have also turned off strat ops after a discussion between the command crew where we felt it was a more appropriate position for a Starbase rather than a star ship.

Crew Updates

New crew – Assistant Chief of Science

Positions still open are: Chief Engineering officer, Chief Diplomatic Officer, and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

The USS Andromeda, USS Europa and USS Merlin continue on working together to try thwarting the planet killer. Before the attempt with modified phasers, Reynolds and co tried some old fashioned diplomacy and to their surprise the Planet killer answered back. We then learnt that the Dark Ones were speaking through it and they didn’t like us very much!

New friends and acquaintances have been made this month. Reynolds and Keading have dinner with her older brother the CO of the Europa and its clear that he has suffered and lost someone important recently. The Science chiefs, unlikely duo of Aidan Datari and Ron Bumble started on with a friendship. And the Andromeda received a new crew member in the form of Assistant Chief of Science Lieutenant JG Xu Chang Lau. The Merlin crew joined us, their counsellor even knowing the Captains twin brother. Oh err could this be embarrassing later???

Meanwhile the MU XO escapes, causing havoc visiting ghosts of the past and shooting four crew members as she attempts to find a way off the ship. She come across the Eddie and his friend Tia in the Jefferies tubes and manipulates Tia into stunning Eddie.

Other Information

Post Count: 28 joint posts (74 Participation).
Playing Characters: 10 and 4 Merlin crew
New Players: 2 – 1 on Andromeda and 1 from the Merlin has come to join us too
Pending Applications: 0



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