USS Andromeda – Mar 2020

USS Andromeda – Mar 2020


Sim Updates

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Crew Updates

Crew Updates –We have had a new CMO sign up in the last few days.

Positions still open are: Chief Engineering officer, Chief Diplomatic Officer, Chief of Strategic Ops and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

A Dark Ones scout awakens from hibernation alerted to the Cetea managing to successfully power up a planet killer. Unfortunately their control over it does not last long and it sets off to destroy a planetary system whose inhabitants send a distress call. The Andromeda promptly picks this up and sets off to respond.

The scout powers down the device and projects his shadow form to Villanueva in which he makes a bargain with the Cetea. Posing as one of their deities, it manipulates one of the Cetea parties DNA to stop the hideous biological issues they experience being far away from the planet BaKu and its healing abilities.

The dark one dangles what the extreme group have always wanted – destruction of their home world for servitude in bringing back the rest of the Dark ones. An unholy bargain is reached in which the scout resumes the power to the planet killer sending it on its journey towards Baku.

Other Information

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