USS Andromeda – Sep 20

USS Andromeda – Sep 20


Sim Updates

Simm became a PG15 rating

Crew Updates

No new crew

Positions still open are: Chief Diplomatic Officer, and numerous assistant positions.

Story Elements

The space battle outside the Planet Killer continues with 2 different parties making claim to the weapon.

The Andromeda gets damaged from its game of chicken with one of the Cetea’s ships, causing weapons to be temporally offline.

The new flight chief onboard a transport vessel works with the Marines to keep the Cetea and Ferengi off the Andromeda while the Merlin attempts unsuccessfully to destroy the Planet Killer with modified torpedos.

Seeing no other option Captain Vern Keading of the Europa decides to make the ultimate sacrifice with his ship. The Andromeda manages to evacuate all the Europa's crew as the other man drives his ship into the heart of the beast mirroring what only the Enterprise has done before.

The Planet Killer is finally vanquished leaving the Andromeda and Merlin to regroup and head back to Starbase 308 for some much needed R&R.

Other Information

End of our first collaborative mission.
Its been fun to interact and write with another crew.



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Posted: September 29, 2020 7:55 pm
Updated: September 29, 2020