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Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

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The Chandrasekhar Problem
The Apollo crew heads out into a relatively quiet region of space. As they try to leave the events of their recent past behind them, they dive into an endeavor that fully suits what the Intrepid class starships were designed for. A star near the edge of the Aldebaran sector is expected to go super nova within the next few weeks to months. While not a new phenomenon, by any means, what is surprising to Federation scientists is the small size of the star that is approaching this critical point. At only 1.1 solar masses, this isn’t theoretically possible. The Apollo will investigate the star, taking density, energy, elemental analyses, etc. in the hopes of determining what is causing such an oddity in the galaxy. However, the crew can't shake the feeling that something more nefarious is at play other than a simple freak of nature.

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Total number of posts 6. In the last month, I have had a number of RL issues that came up, but those should be settling down very soon so that I can give the Apollo the attention it deserves.

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