USS Apollo June 2020

USS Apollo June 2020


Sim Updates

There are no major updates to report at this time.

Crew Updates

The XO has returned from his ELOA. We are pleased to have him back on duty.

Crew's Choice Award voting has begun as we look to inspire more participation and recognition of those members giving their all.

Story Elements

The crew has arrived at the planet the crew has been assigned to observe. The civilization is in a pre-WWI stage of development, but lies at a strategic point for both Romulan and Cardassian interests. As a result, Starfleet is hoping to discourage any brash actions against the planet by sending the observation team. As the Apollo arrived it found some interesting readings that can't be explained right away coming from the planet. As of now, the blind observation is moving ahead while a team works on discovering the source of the odd readings.

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Posted: July 6, 2020 3:24 pm
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