USS Arcadia – April Report

USS Arcadia – April Report

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

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With the help of the Arcadia's own chief science officer, Captain Nami Ishikawa and most of her crew escape back to their ship, the USS Themyscira, but before they jump to warp, Captain Ishikawa kidnaps Captain Lee and sabotages the Arcadia's warp system, severely injuring the Arcadia's XO and several other senior officers in the process. Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun, who is in doubt of her own command ability after an incident on her last posting, takes over as the Arcadia's acting CO and comes into immediate conflict with Lieutenant Kevan Dash, the ship's acting XO, over whether they should give pursuit after finishing repairs. But she might not have a choice when the Themyscira destroys the USS Kyushu after Starfleet Command sends the latter to stop Ishikawa from carrying out her genocidal mission against the Founders.

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