– April 4, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Updated our website with revised rules and policies. We are also now on wattpad.com where we publish our completed missions as ebooks.

Crew Updates

New Crew:

LTJG Jace Crystan, Alien Archaeologist/Anthologist

Story Elements

We are making steady, if slower than hoped, progress with the story. The Themyscira has escaped and kidnapped the captain after sabotaging the Arcadia, during which time several senior officers including the XO is severely wounded. They have also destroyed the USS Kyushu sent to intercept them. Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun, the second officer, is now in command of the Arcadia, and Lieutenant Kevan Dash, the security chief, has assumed the position of first officer. Disagreement between Nola and Kevan, however, threatens unity on board the ship.

Other Information

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