USS Archimedes – April 2018

USS Archimedes – April 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

No major updates have been made the the site. We have cleaned up the Wiki in order to keep only pertinent information available to those that need it. I am hoping that with my busy season at work slowing down I will be able to make some update to the site and be able to report those changes next month.

Crew Updates


We have been lucky to find four more additions to our ever growing crew:

Ishara Harrison - Chef/Bartender
Lieutenant Cosimo Santoro PhD - Chief Geologist
Master Warrant Officer Vincent Miloon - Chief Intelligence Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class Callan Armidale - Intelligence Specialist

This brings our total number of players to 18.


While we are slacking a little on the In Character promotions the following characters have been promoted:

Emmony Safford - Executive Officer - promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Aidan Ditari - Chief Linguistic Officer - promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Noah Reed - Chief Engineer/2XO - promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Aislynn Norson - Medical Officer - promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Story Elements

After having wrapped up our first official mission, the crew has a lot to think about as we make our way from Empok Nor to our new home. We will be spending the next two (OOC) months covering a 180 day time jump as we travel to the Nairobi Colony in the Briar Patch. This will give the crew time to adjust to the events of the entities we met in the nebula. With a large number of pregnant crew members the ship will have to prepare for an event they were never designed to deal with.

Other Information

No other information to report this month.



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