USS Archimedes – Aug-19

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USS Archimedes – Aug-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

No major changes. Things are smooth and having needed much tweaking.

Crew Updates

No new nor departed crew members. Eight of the fourteen players on my ship have been active players for over a year! They are a great bunch.

Story Elements

Lieutenant Samantha Ortega has been exposed to a naturally occuring pollen on Eden after the USS Archimedes was sent to evaluate the planet for colonization. She is in the process of systematically exposing other members of the crew as she gives into her every whim and brings the rest of the crew along with her. The only crew members that seem to be immune to the pollen's affects are the two Orion officer. Will they be enough to keep the crew from seizing control of the Arch?

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