USS Archimedes + December 2017

USS Archimedes + December 2017

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

December was our first month of existence. The site was set up at the very end of November with the basic NOVA operating system. Since then, my XO and I have added quite a bit of information regarding the ship and its purpose. The skin has been updated from the standard installed version. We set up our sim to be based our of Empok Nor along with the USS Firebird, USS Nagasaki, and USS Pioneer. These three manifest have been added to ours to allow for cross sim posting among the crews. A discord channel has been established for the ship and her crew. It has been quite active over the last month.

I have also established an Achievements model on the ship. The crew has already enjoyed working these items into their posts. The XO and I plan on coming up with more "General" achievements as well as Mission Specific ones.

Crew Updates

As you can imagine during the first month we have had quite a few new players. We went from only my XO LtCmdr Aaron Marcus and myself to the following:

CO: LtCmd Nn'khiy Marcus
XO: LtCmd Aaron Marcus
CSTO: LtJg Rich Fitzsimmons
CEO: LtJg Noah Reed
Chief Botanist: Lt Emmory Stafford
Chief Linguistic Officer: Lieutenant Aidan Datari
CMO: Lt Matthew Stringer
Chief Counselor: LtJG N'Livek

Since the USS Archimedes is a Science vessel I decided that I did not want a generic "Chief Science Officer". Instead, I have created a "Chief" for each discipline. I have assigned Lt Emmory Stafford as my second officer to designate a senior science officer. I believe this will allow for a more science based vessel.

Story Elements

Currently the USS Archimedes is on her Shakedown mission. We are currently docked at Empok Nor as the remainder of the crew arrives and the last of the maintenance is being completed. We will be on Shakedown until I complete my last COA assignment. I am looking forward to starting out first mission.

Other Information

In the short time the ship has been in existence my small crew has exceeded my expectation regarding posting and building a community. We have had 18 posts and I have awarded 8 achievements.



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