– March 1, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

No major updates were done during the month of February. Real life has gotten in the way.

Crew Updates

The month of February saw the return of a previous player. We have only been in operation for three months and luckily we haven't had many departed character. We are happy to welcome back Sean as Lieutenant Dilaa Gerro our Chief Diplomat Officer .

Story Elements

Currently the USS Archimedes has arrived at a previously unexplored Nebula. We have brought the probe on board the ship which has resulted in an infestation of an energy being. The being removes all inhibitions of the infected. This has resulted in some hi jinks. Will the crew be able to save their ship and their minds?

Other Information

During the month of February the crew worked hard on a "Day in the life" post. It was a single submission from each character that was merged into a post giving a glimpse into the life of the officers on the ship. We thought it was pretty cool and I have linked it below.


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