USS Archimedes January 2018

USS Archimedes January 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Not a whole lot of changes have been made to the site in the month of January. We have added awards and I have decided that I will be award them once at the end of each mission.

Crew Updates

We have had no players depart the sim in the month of January. Noah Reed, the Chief Engineer, was promoted from Lieutenant junior grade to full Lieutenant. We gained a recurring guest star, Brandon Charvanek, a Chief Diplomatic Officer, Lt. Richard Wayne, and a Chief Flight Control Officer, Lieutenant JG Ethan Gunnarsen.

I am planning on recruiting for a Chief Operations Officer to round out our collection of officers.

Story Elements

We have just begun our first mission. The USS Archimedes has been tasked with surveying a dark matter nebula within Cardassian Space. A probe has malfunctioned so we have been dispatched to retrieve it also, if possible. We are currently in transit from Empok Nor to the coordinates of the Nebula where we will be picking up our Recurring Guest Star.

Unknown to the CO, the XO and Chief Engineer have begun building and operating a moonshine operation in an unused science lab. Apparently, part of the cargo bay will become home to wooden casks for aging spirits. While out of character I cannot way to see this play out, I am not sure how the Romulan Hybrid nor the Security Chief will take the news of the ships new venture. The sacrifices we will make for SCIENCE!

Other Information

Nothing additional to add.



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Posted: January 29, 2018 4:49 am
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