USS Archimedes – Jul-19

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USS Archimedes – Jul-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

No major updates to the website this month. It is a smooth running platform at the moment.

Crew Updates

No crew updates to report. The Arch is standing steady with 13 PCs and 20 NPCs. This crew is amazing and I am lucky to have them.

Story Elements

The USS Archimedes has just been assigned the Scientific Exploration of a Planet near the Romulan Border called Eden. Starfleet and the Federation are interested in the prospect of setting the Class M planet, and the Archimedes science department has been tasked with checking it out and reporting back.

Other Information

The USS Archimedes has been in operation for 1.75 years. In that time we have amassed a total post count of 960 as of the end of July. (Total posts not posts per player) with an average of 50 posts per month, the prospect of hitting the 1K mark in that short of a time is exciting.



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