USS Archimedes – Jun-18

USS Archimedes – Jun-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

Minor updates have been made to the main page and tour. The ship has been updated with new images avaliable for the Nova-Class

Crew Updates

During the month of June I was forced to remove the Chief Geologist due to inactivity, however, we gained a Morale Officer, a Chief Archaeologist/Anthropologist, and two intelligence officers.

Story Elements

We are wrapping up our travel mission to our new posting in the Briar Patch as well as starting a new mission where the USS Archimedes has been sent to investigate a derelict ship within the Patch. What the crew doesn't know is that there very lives hang in the balance.

Other Information

The Crew of the USS Archimedes is an amazing one. While post counts no longer matter for this report I would like to point out the amazingness of my crew. We hit 113 post in the month of June with 16 active players that is a total of 7 posts per person. That is AMAZING and I could not be prouder.



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