– August 30, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates


Crew Updates

We let 3 go this month for non-participation. Plus one person stepped down from Chief of a department to assistant to open the top slot for someone who has more time to participate. We added one person as well. So at present we need a Chief of Operations and a Chief of Engineering.

Story Elements

23: Something going on in the Muratas Cluster
After an extended Shore leave and some time to rejoin the families separated the Asgard and her science arrays are sent to the Mutara Nebula to investigate power surges detected by passing ships. A few of which have even disappeared much like what happened in 2154? Then it was known as the The Delphic Expanse. An area of space approximately fifty light years away from Earth. It had been nearly two thousand light years across according to the Vulcan Ambassador Soval. The Expanse had been riddled with a web of dangerous spatial anomalies, as well as surrounded by a dense layer of thermobaric clouds. Which made navigation extremely hazardous for starships. It had been Artificially created by transdimensional beings using a vast number of massive spheres. The Delphic Expanse ceased to exist in 2154, when the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01 destroyed the sphere. Now from the energy readings something similar was happening.

We are nearly done with this mission, we located and destroyed a lone reactivated sphere. Presently we are limping back to a starbase.

As to the fleet I accepted a promotion to be a TGCO of 72C. I also joined dischord.

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