USS Athena – April 2020

USS Athena – April 2020


Sim Updates

No huge sim updates.

Was experimenting with skins and adjustments to the manifest but none of them felt quite right. Am still prowling Anodyne for anything that strikes me as interesting. May well look at fooling around with some rank pips at some point.

Crew Updates

Well, having lost my CMO last month he has made a return and been a little responsive, so that's good!

We've also had Kristi step-in to play a new Science Officer, and just had a new application accepted for Lt Brax, who will be joining the Security team!

Ideally I'd like an Engineer to fill that last little gap but not going to complain.

Story Elements

We've not advanced heavily since the last one, but a couple of major JPs have been ongoing this last couple of weeks which gives me hope - a lot of the crew are getting involved and tagging, too.

The diplomatic group are attending a formal reception hosted by the Queen, where she engages in some interesting political debate with Lt Cmdr Taeler.
Meanwhile, the weird odd-couple of Lt Dash and Chief Malone have managed to get past their personal 'issues' to uncover the location of the attacking forces - with his XO on the surface, Kane himself has led a landing party to this hidden moon outpost, coming across the exiled Duke Alonso...

Other Information

5 Mission posts this month and I know there are two more due to be posted by the end of the week. I'm actually very happy with most of the crew's contributions - I know plenty of them have personal stuff going on that can't help.
With new crew additions I'm looking forward to this moving in the right direction.



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Posted: April 26, 2020 7:27 pm
Updated: April 26, 2020