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USS Athena – December 2020

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USS Athena – December 2020

Sim Updates

No major changes. It's on the to-do list to update our wiki and links pages.

December, as ever, has been a quiet month. The last couple of weeks have been a bit slower which is to be expected.

Crew Updates

One LOA this month; The player of Lt P'rel has had some awful health news and has been granted a month's LOA to help him come to terms with it. Sadly we may end up losing him long-term but for now he has asked to stay with the crew.

Pending CO promotion (not assuming anything, like...) it's likely that with the end of our current mission we'll be looking at a couple of in-character promotions.

Story Elements

With the Athena crippled and attempting to evade the pursuing Breen, the science team develops a risky plan to try to trick their pursuers using a deflector pulse. At the very moment the deflector pulse is turned on, the final device activates and the Athena is thrust into a strange new region of space - although they have escaped the Breen, this region seems to be playing on the minds of the crew, drawing some of their worst nightmares into reality.

After the Captain was stunned by the XO (having thought he was her Cardassian tormentor from years past) the senior staff have reconvened in sickbay to address the problems they now face. As this is happening, however, two of the ship's three warp cores are accidentally ejected by a terrified engineer. Low on power, facing up to graphic terrors coming to life, can the crew finally escape this nightmare realm?

Other Information

I'm really hoping to finish up the current plot early January. Kicking and screaming if necessary.



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Posted: December 29, 2020 4:47 pm
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