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USS Athena – February 2021

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USS Athena – February 2021

Sim Updates

Currently wrapping shore-leave period for the crew.

Crew Updates

Departure: Lt Dessame Sar (Security Chief)

Have put this position up for recruitment as it is generally a useful role to have filled (XO has agreed to NPC this for now).

Story Elements

Some of the senior staff take a break on Risa, meeting up and having fun. Some engage in awkward romantic liaisons along the way...
Captain Kane and Lt P'rel try to understand what unusual machinations are at work following their encounter with the Breen and a cloned Bolian officer - before Kane himself has an odd encounter with a mysterious individual known as 'Corvinius', who bears him a warning about something called 'Operation Midnight'.

MISSION 3: "By Artemis' Bow"
The USS Athena is dispatched to the Iuvat system, where scientists are studying rare spaceborne creatures they have dubbed 'Pilgrims'; only appearing every few thousand years in our galaxy. Unfortunately a band of 'traders' has been sighted in the area, apparently with the intention of hunting these creatures for a rare biochemical compound in their chemistry. The crew are tasked with protecting these rare and wonderful creatures as well as the science team studying them.

Other Information

A solid month, feels like some people have had the ability to cut loose with their shore leave opportunity as a chance for side character development. Almost doubled our post-per-person this month which is exciting to see.



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Updated: March 1, 2021