USS Athena – July 2020

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USS Athena – July 2020


Sim Updates

We've moved to our new hosting service! Easy as pie.

Given this was in the pipeline I deliberately avoided taking any further action on website changes.

Crew Updates

No new crew updates at this point.

We had our post-mission tongue-in-cheek awards as follows:

- The "Say YES to the dress" award goes to...Lt Commander Taeler Santu, who said 'yes' to the elegant ballgown and totally owned that dance floor. Nobody in that Gala was going to touch you, baby!

- The "Chaotic Evil" award goes to...Lt Dessame Sar, whose random acts of plot twisting certainly made this mission a lot of fun! Let's hope starting a revolution isn't a running theme for you though...

- The "Just one more question..." award goes to Lt Savin, who decided that it was a good idea to drop an impromptu deep and personal counselling session on the questionably amoral Queen of Parataus IV. At least you didn't end up in a dungeon!

- Finally, the "Prejudice? I'll show you extreme prejudice!" award goes to the undercover shenanigans of Lt P'rel, who it can be safely said takes zero prisoners. Ever. And watching that relationship with the XO deveop is going to be reeaaaally interesting...

Story Elements

Mission End: In The Family
With the assistance of Lt P'rel and the science/engineering team on Athena, the landing party was recovered and the Athena safely escaped Paratan space. Though officially a failure, there is a definite sense among the crew that success was never on the cards, given the political situation on Paratus. Civil War has now overtaken the planet, with the subjugated males fighting back against the matriarchal oppressors.

Post-mission, despite the clear tension between Cmdr Taeler and Lt P'rel, Kane has asked the intelligence officer to remain on board, hoping her skills can be honed to work better alongside a team rather than as a rogue agent.

We are now in the earliest stages of Mission 2: Shadow of Arachne, as we have just picked up a distress call from the USS Pico, deep in the badlands. But what connects this ship to a raid on Starbase 50 just a few weeks ago...?

Other Information

Total Post Count (since last report): 16142 words = 32.28 (under new guidelines)
Current active crew count: 7 (one AWOL)
This equates to an average crew posting rate of 4.612 (reduces to 4.03 if you count the one member of the crew who hasn't posted this month)
Honestly, this has been a superb month for the sim and I'm incredibly proud of them. The addition of our new Intel officer and the end of the mission has led to a lot more interactivity and development-type posts.



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