USS Athena – June 2020

USS Athena – June 2020


Sim Updates

Almost finished our first full mission. Site should have all the bits as required by the recent audit.

Crew Updates

We've welcomed Hawkins, playing Lt P'rel, our...prickly...Intelligence officer - who has also done a great job of inserting himself straight into the plot, which is refreshing to see.

Story Elements

"In the Family":
The Paratus negotiations have collapsed into rebellion and revolution as open fighting is taking place in the streets. The landing party is rescued by the appearance of Lt P'rel, a Starfleet intelligence officer caught on the surface doing planetary cultural surveys in advance of their membership. With her help, the team fled underground, where a group of Paratan children helped them locate a relay point for communication with the ship.
Meanwhile, with contact to the surface cut-off, the science and engineering teams on Athena devise a series of probes capable of breaking through the jamming to reach the ground team.
After recognising Federation citizens under imminent threat, Commander Kane considers the Prime Directive suspended and manages to intimidate the Paratan vessels in orbit into backing down.
Now all that remains is to decide what to do with the Duke and the Queen...

Other Information

Post Count for June: 11 Mission Posts & 1 Personal Log
Huge kudos to our new arrival for bolstering those numbers. A core group of committed folks have really helped this mission move forward to conclusion and I'm very pleased.

I expect to finish the mission in the next few days and permit some downtime to allow some nice character development before moving on to a new mission sometime in July.



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Posted: June 26, 2020 12:20 am
Updated: June 26, 2020