USS Athena – March 2020

USS Athena – March 2020


Sim Updates

No significant changes to the site, etc. this month.

Crew Updates

Lt Mortigar has resigned due to RL commitments (significantly CV-related).
Lt Cmdr Yadira Reisen deactivated due to inactivity (and several broken promises relating to getting back on a regular tagging schedule).

We're definitely in need of replacements at this point due to our CMO being AWOL right now (and probably going to be booted soon).

Story Elements

"In The Family"
PREVIOUSLY: Upon their arrival at Paratus, the ships are attacked by a squadron of small ships that, while no match for the Athena, kamikaze the Ambassador's ship, leaving her in a coma and her inexperienced envoy the only official diplomat on board.
With questions already being asked, Commander Kane orders the crew onward to Paratus, appointing his XO to lead the negotiations with the highly matriarchal Paratans and their queen. Meanwhile the crew work on understanding just who attacked them - and why they bear the royal crest of the queen's brother.
NOW: XO Taeler Santu and Envoy Broll have attempted to understand Paratan legalese and culture, before they lead a predominantly female away team to meet with the Queen. Meanwhile, the odd couple of Lts Malone and Dash work on figuring out where the attackers came from while trying to navigate their awkward personal relationship.

Other Information

Post count for March: 4

This is a drop to 25% of what we achieved last month. We do have at least a couple of JPs close to being finished but due to RL circumstances tags have been slow. The remaining crew consists of at least two medical professionals and a police officer, so their day-to-day activities have been thrown well out of whack - even communication has been poor.

I have to praise Talla (playing Lt Savin and a couple of NPCs) for her willingness to engage with me and keep things plodding between us. Not sure we'd have completed a single post without her.

I'm conscious we're down to 5 'active' players, so have been trying to advertise in various places to drum up more interest.



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