USS Athena – May 2020

USS Athena – May 2020


Sim Updates

Updated a few bits to make the site look shinier; the banner now has the ship name/registry on it and I think looks good.
I've redesigned the Sim page, too. This now reads a bit better and more like a 'personal message' from me as CO of the sim.
I do intend to play around a bit more as time goes on (I know the TFCO has asked for some additional bits that weren't clear) but that's all I've managed this month.

Crew Updates

We gained a new crewmember last month...only for him to disappear immediately.

However I'm really thankful to the efforts from our newer members in keeping things ticking-over.

Story Elements

"In the Family":
The Paratus negotiations were apparently an elaborate ruse. The Queen and apparently her brother the Duke have been playing the Federation to gain legitimacy for both their sides in an internal power struggle.
With the Athena accidentally revealing the location of the Duke's rebel base to the Queen's forces, Cmdr Kane has had to walk the line of noninterference by utilising the badly damaged SS Glory as a lifeboat for the Paratan rebels. However that plan has itself been turned on the crew as the Duke made sure the Queen knew they had escaped to it.
Meanwhile, on the surface, with news of the attack on the Duke's base reaching them, rebel elements in the Royal Palace have stormed the negotiations and engaged in brutal fighting - both sides apparently want to take the landing party as hostages, however it depends who comes out on top...

Other Information

Monthly Posts: 9
A bit of an improvement on last month, and we have a potential new player just in the process of applying now.

I'm hopeful the current mission will be finished before the next monthly report and we'll have had some downtime before launching our second episode.



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Posted: May 28, 2020 3:59 pm
Updated: June 1, 2020