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USS Athena – May 2021

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USS Athena – May 2021

Sim Updates

No major site/sim updates

Crew Updates

Welcomed Dr Michael Ki, our new CMO.

Lt P'rel on long-term LOA due to RL illness (cancer treatment)

Story Elements

Mission Three: "By Artemis' Bow"
The Athena has arrived in the Iuvat system, under strict Federation protection due to the arrival of giant spaceborne creatures called 'Pilgrims'.
Cmdr Taeler leads a team to join the USS Cavalier in studying the creatures, and forge some connections with Professor Quill Summers as well as the Cavalier's crew.
Captain Kane's team investigating the trader outpost has fallen afoul of the administrator and sealed in a cargo pod with the air rapidly running out. With Lt Li and Dr Savin, they decide to seal themselves in pods and blow a hole in the hull with the hope that Athena will see them and mount a rescue.

Other Information

Slightly slower month but still on track to maintain a reasonable minimum level of posting.

Due to work commitments and RL drama my time devoted to both posting and the general culture of the sim has been limited. I do have one or two players that have been a shade slower and less likely to be proactive which definitely harms the sim when I'm on a slower month.



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