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USS Athena – October 2021

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USS Athena – October 2021

Sim Updates

No significant changes to the sim or roster this month.

Crew Updates

Lt P'rel's player back on temporary LOA as he has undergone major surgery (hoping to have him eased back in during November).

Story Elements

Mission Four: "With Gleaming Eyes"
By the personal request of Admiral White, the USS Athena has been summoned to the remote Cardassian colony of Ithaca II, where a strange virus has afflicted the population. With the Cardassian government apparently unwilling to send aid, Starfleet has offered humanitarian support to the colonists in order to promote better relations.

Arriving and splitting into teams, one group has started working on the medical side of things, in order to work out what this virus is. Another group is working on logistics support. Chief of Security Bollingbroke has already clashed with the Cardassian security chief - who seems to have a penchant for abusing the locals. And Captain Kane has struck up an unlikely kinship with Gul Dara, the Cardassian overseer of the colony.

Other Information

Posts-Per-Player rate is at 4.39 (discounting the one LOA).
As always, I've had a downtime week late in the month so we slowed down a touch.



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