USS Athena – September 2020

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USS Athena – September 2020


Sim Updates

No huge shake-ups as regards the site and such. Continuing current mission.
It has felt like there has been a massive slow-down as we hit September. I don't know if this is fleet-wide (I get the sense that it is, broadly speaking).

Crew Updates

No changes on the crew front.

Story Elements

MISSION TWO: "The Shadow of Arachne"
Partially crippled by the explosion of the USS Pico, the crew find themselves fleeing through the Badlands as two Breen destroyers close in on their wounded prey.
On board ship, the discovery of a saboteur - a Starfleet officer recovered from the Pico - has led to further problems getting the ship running smoothly. As the security/intelligence teams try to work out his motives, the science team works on a possible escape plan while the engineering teams scramble to fix the damage before the Breen catch up to the ship...

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