– July 27, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

There have been no major updates to the sim site or the sim itself this month. Stay tuned for the next two months though...

Crew Updates

We are preparing for the end of our mission (see below) so Commander D'arf and I are calling for the Crew's Choice award, and we will be going through other awards and promotions for the crew as well. Otherwise, there have been crew changes recently.

Story Elements

The mission, Romulan Daehrra, is wrapping up. We have found that the Romulans, thought to be behind several attacks in the galactic north, were not the aggressors and actually wanted to help figure out the puzzle. A one Malo Severious, part of a massive mercenary force, is at the front of these attacks. Although after the August, the Romulans, and some new friends known as the Resistance (Romulans, but not RSE?), they will likely have to lay low for a while.

Many ships in the fleet do not trust the Romulans, but the diplomatic-tuned August has earned their trust and begun to trust them. If we can spread this throughout the Ninth Fleet, then maybe tensions will wane. It is our hope that we can work with them just as we did after the Shinzon incident, as well as after the Hobus incident. In those dire times, there was a peace.

Other Information

This was another slow month as we crawled through two huge JPs. We hope our numbers will go up as we move into a brief "break" mission, as well as begin working on some things with Obsidian Command. The next mission arc is loosely planned and should begin in August.

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