– March 2, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

Sim Updates

We have been very busy on the site with the transition from Starbase 80 to the Camelot. Wed have done an entire face lift to the site, perhaps too extensive to list everything, but it has been both a challenge and oddly enough, an enjoyment.

Crew Updates

Warrant Officer Thallin Th'irillith
Fighter Pilot
All of the original players have stayed, but many have decided to take this time to switch out to make one of their previous NPC's to replace their previous main character or create a new one entirely.

Story Elements

Captain James Hurin has been given command of a forgotten ship, one that is in need of some serious TLC...and that's just to make it fly again. The recently demoted officer now must face a new challenge, getting his vessel space-worthy and to find a crew that is willing to take their chances with the captain. Some of his former senior staff have agreed to follow the captain as he takes back command of a vessel. The Camelot has spent several years in the surplus yard depot at Qualor II, collecting dust and in need of repairs.
The crew is deciding if they will follow Hurin to his new command or not. Some eagerly stepped forward, while others have been more hesitant, wondering what would be best fore their career and family.

Other Information

I am elated at the positive response we have gotten for the sim change, and have the next year already laid out, with room for a few surprises. We will be visiting some old places that the federation may have forgotten, and Starfleet has avoided. Exploration will take precedence, and a return to the basics that made some of the older eras so great and fun.

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