USS Cassiopeia – April 30, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Website remains unchanged but still looks good with no major changes to ship at all.

Crew Updates

This month saw the arrival of 2 new crewmembers: Lt. Sekat came on as our ACMO, with a quick promotion to CMO, and 2nd Lt. Thakore as our Marine CO.

Our previous CMO was removed due to inactivity and no communication even when prompted.

Bar that one departure I am happy to have welcomed 2 more on board to our motley crew.

Story Elements

Current mission 'You Can Count on Cassie' is still on going and has so far racked up 114 posts with us just now reaching the main part. That being that we are currently on the planet and about to meet some unexpected company.
Again that impact fleet wide is still the use of a new race, now two new races if we include our unexpected guests. There is no particular impact on our TG or TF.

Other Information

Was very proud to receive the Gold Award for our sims first month, no words can explain my gratitude to my writers for their commitment and drive to get us there. My hat is truly off to them, and my XO in particular with whom guides me with great enthusiasm.

We moved from 31 posts in March to 86 this month, a great effort in which once again I owe to my crew. Let May continue with such vigour!

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