USS Cassiopeia – March 30, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Started our first mission "You Can Count on Cassie" and I am looking forward to seeing the story move along, people's characters developing etc.
As for the rest of the sim we are ticking away nicely for our first complete month.

Crew Updates

This month we have seen a great influx of people joining us and as such we welcome Lt. JG John Warren as our CFCO, Lt. JG Jasmine Haynes CSTO and Lt. JG Kassandra Walsh our COO.
Also we have had the addition of Lt. JG Victoria Rigby as our head shrink, God save her and Lt JG Siani Damar as our CMO. Not forgetting the arrival of Lt. JG Dar O'Don our first created species and I look forward to seeing that progress.

So a busy month all round with an addition of 6 new crew and I am excited as the prospect of these fine writers getting going.

Story Elements

New mission has began in which we head to a new race of people in order to open talks about Federation admission, also there will be another new race that will be within the plot that will surface. Not so much that this will effect the Task Group or Force but potential is there if anyone wants to utilise these species throughout the fleet. I have no issue sharing what we've written up on them.

Now we see where this mission takes us.

Other Information

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