USS Cassiopeia – January 1, 2019

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

This month we finished off our Anomalous Journey mission, or are just about too, so that we can start our new mission 'Void'. We saw an increase in posting which was great with 6 mission posts and 7 personal logs at a total of 13 but when you consider the previous month of November was 3 in total I am looking for more this coming year from everyone, including myself. The new mission sees the crew trapped in a part of space void of all, stars and spacial objects, and is considered space's Bermuda Trangle. Fun to follow.

Crew Updates

There has been a few changes this month with Lt. Warren (Dan) leaving us due to real life commitments and we wish him well and hope one day he can return as the door is always open. We also lost our CSO due to lack of posting, communication and such, we are sorry that it came to their removal but hope they find their feet somewhere else.

It is with great pride that I promote my XO, Alexis Agrax (Becca) to the rank of Commander and to say it's a long time coming is an understatement as I couldn't do this without her by my side.

Story Elements

There have been no major incidents that have impacted the Taskforce/Group or fleet. The new mission may provide something to that effect however.

Other Information

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