USS Cassiopeia – August 4, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Website remains unchanged from last report, with also no changes to ship or overall presence.

Crew Updates

We've had some unfortunate losses last month with the departure of our COO, CEO and CIO all for various reasons, and recently our CMO has moved on to pastures new. I do wish them the best and hope they succeed in what ever they do 🙂

In light of the departure of our COO we had a quick entry into that role so our losses were cut by one and I am happy to receive their writer with open arms as I write with them elsewhere.

No promotions.

As for open positions we have the need for a: Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Counsellor and Chief Intelligence Officer. Also all the itty bitty bits in between.

Story Elements

At the moment we are on our interim mission called 'Anomalous Journey', a 30 mission day trip to take a science team to the Iconica Nebula for study. This will lead us into Mission 2 which will be relayed shortly on site.

Our previous mission 'You Can Count on Cassie' closed with a count of 221 posts and the creation of 2 new species within the plot. These can be used by others if wanted.

Other Information


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