USS Cassiopeia – November 1, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Nothing new to report on the website front and no other changes of note.

Crew Updates

Once again we have lost our ACOO Kassandra Walsh due to reasons out of our control but with one out comes one in with Rahl Tyton who takes place on board as our Chief Science Officer, a most happy appointment as it has been vacant for a while. We still have a number of positions that need filled as the Intelligence and Diplomatic departments are empty.

Story Elements

Still currently going through our 'Anomalous Journey' mission and have hit a major point in the story that will have some on board ramifications for crew. This mission will lead into the start of our story arc about the emergence of the El Aurian Alpha Quadrant home world and species. As such I hope to update the lore on the species for others to use in future.

Other Information

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