USS Centaurus – Aug-18

USS Centaurus – Aug-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

First ever SIM Report... yay!

SIM was officially launched this month, so the website is totally brand new and swanky. Thanks to Carin for all her hard work in helping with the design layout of the front page, as well as helping set the SIM up. Extremely invaluable First Officer right there!

Crew Updates

So, Centaurus having just started out, is in desperate need of enthusiastic crew!

We added:
+LtCdr Jael Steiger - Executive Officer
+LtJG Raymus Griffin - CSec/Tac
+PO2 Kevin Reigns - MAA
+LtJG Breanna Rathburn - CEng
+PO2 Zach Jordan - EngMate

We're currently looking for:
*Chief Operations Officer
*Chief Science Officer
*Chief Medical Officer
*Various Departmental Officers/Crew

Story Elements

Our current mission is "Prologue: Second Chance Squad"

The USS Centaurus is being repaired after being laid up in a Bone Yard for five years. Her crew, made up of the rejects and rouges of the fleet, are all people with a past that have made them undesirable in some way within Starfleet. Forced together by VAdm. Vernon, this crew must overcome not just the problems of a neglected ship, but their own personal repairs as well. Inter-personal relationships will be tested as clashing personalities meet for the first time. Will this crew be able to come together in time for Centaurus' launch in 14 days time?

Other Information

We're still getting established, but we're chugging along quite nicely at this point. Nothing really much to add.



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