USS Centaurus – Nov-18

USS Centaurus – Nov-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

We've completed our first proper mission as a SIM this month, and we've allowed a small amount of downtime before our next mission so that anyone who needs to catch their breath can do so.

Crew Updates

The Meritorious Newcomer Award goes to Ens. Remy DuBare, Ens. Day Smith & LtJG. Thomas Richardson for their excellent contributions to a plot they'd basically joined right in the middle of. They not only contributed, but they improved the richness of the plot with their contributions.

The Creativity Award goes to LtCmdr. Jael Steiger for her excellent addition of the 'Russian Renegades' in the rescue of the Centaurus. It was a creative input and added to the tapestry of the characters involved in our little drama.

The Captain's Personal Merit Award goes to Ens. Breanna Rathburn for being a very good sport about being taken full advantage of by our bad-guy, and playing it very well during the bridge takeover. It was nice that you were able to play along with the game, even knowing that it would have negative ramifications with the XO later.

Story Elements

The USS Centaurus is currently docked at Starbase One, to let off our prisoners and for the inquest into what happened aboard the ship to be completed. Naturally, the inquest has been classified due to the embarressment the whole saga caused. During the downtime, our illustrious and sexy CO got herself married to the love of her life, and our dilligent and vivacious XO told her husband she's ready to get knocked up! We've seen our new CSec join us, and our CSci come out of her shell a bit.

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