USS Centaurus – Oct-18

USS Centaurus – Oct-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

No significant changes to report this month in terms of the SIM or her website. However, we stepped up our recruitment campaign this month, and saw no fewer than five people express interest in joining the SIM, of which we've had four additionals join our strength. This was in no small part due to the ongoing efforts of the SIM's XO Carin who has been pushing out recruitment posts to various online groups.

Crew Updates

+ Ens. Remington DuBare (Helm)
+ LtJG. Thomas Richardson (CEng)
+ Ens. Day Smith (CSci)
+ Lt. Kirteg Ha'Ma (CMO)

- LtJG. Raymus Griffin (CSec) - RL Pressures

Story Elements

Our current story of "Spoilt Settlers" has taken a nasty twist this month, with the realisation (too late) that the colonists in question are not who they seem to be. They are in fact a group hell-bent on taking over the Centaurus to use for some unknown nefarious purpose. They've already killed and taken over the body of the Third Officer, managed to lure the First Officer and her husband off the ship, and have now launched an assault and captured the bridge and her officers. However, not before Commander Nolan locked out the ships computer and forced the engines into a Level One Diagnostic, preventing them from being used.

Other Information

November marks the month where I will be looking at doing some inactive purges of players who joined us at the start of our adventure, but have so far not contributed. I am loathe to remove anyone, but if people are not performing, it might be time to clear some space.



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