USS Centaurus – September 30, 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

Activity has slumped somewhat this month, with new joiners not really producing any actual logs. With the main story about to get under way, I'll be messaging all crew who haven't been active to push them in the right direction!

Crew Updates

= Promotions =
+ Alexia Nolan - LtCmdr > Cmdr

= Demotions =
- Breanna Rathburn - LtJG > Ens, CEO > AEO

Story Elements

The USS Centaurus is moving on from her eventful shakedown cruise, where a fractured warp coil in the port nacelle almost caused a significant disaster on her shakedown flight. Following on from a dispute with the XO over blame, Chief Engineer Rathburn talked herself into a Captain's Mast, and was demoted and confined to quarters.

Other Information

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