USS Clepsydra – Sep-19

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USS Clepsydra – Sep-19

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

No site updtes.

Crew Updates

New member: Lt Ollie Dreax (Intelligence)

Story Elements

With the return of the ship to its correct timeline, the weaker one that the crew remember has been absorbed into the Primary timeline and their memories are becoming fragmented. The Temporal Integrity Commission has ordered the DTI to debrief the crew to find out everything they can about the recent events they have suffered.

As the crew are given time to themselves, they have all been invited to the festivities for the Federation Day as guests by the newly elected President.

Other Information

The crew are taking things at their own pace, but seem to be enjoying things so far. We are moving on to the major plot point this week so that'll spice things up a bit.



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