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Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

A major overhaul of the SIM's website occurred since our last report. We've reskinned the generic NOVA skin to something matching the SIM better in tone and style while allowing the crew all the tabs necessary and easily accessible for their duties. The new look has been met with praise by the entire crew and with non-members of the crew who are interested in joining at some point in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

Currently, the crew and I are working on wrapping up mission one, Crossroads, and working towards the start of mission two, The Graveyard, in which the crew will swap a working warp core into the decommissioned hull of the experimental prototype. Essentially, we're creating a new starship to be commissioned Cross after the declaration of total loss of the original's hull. Now would be the perfect time for new players to join as we enjoy a small respite before the new mission starts!

We were excited to win the Silver Unit of Merit for July and look forward to winning Gold in the future (at some point)! We are currently displaying our award banner until September, along with the blurb included in the Obsidian Fleet news report on our win.

Finally, we are creating a small SIM universe of our own with an NPC starship and base which we will interact with on occasion. Each has its own manifest and I have encouraged my players to create NPCs to fill positions on those vessels as well, keeping them busy and giving them the opportunity to fill other positions besides their initial choice. The NPC vessel/base will come and go in the missions as needed. Thankfully NOVA allows us to hide the manifests when the ship/base is not 'in use'.

Crew Updates

New Crew
Lieutenant Thorrin
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant JG Leya Al'Sayed
Chief Medical Officer

Sorine Kaida
Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer

No departures this month.

Currently, we are recruiting department heads in the Science, Intelligence and Diplomatic departments as well as all other playing roles below department head in all departments.

Story Elements

Season One Plot Arc
The year is 2394 and the Federation's Civil War has reached its pinnacle. The Militarist faction has won and the Federation Loyalists are in hiding or actively on the run. But just as the Federation settles, an old player resurfaces with a new vendetta against the Militarists and the Federation President, Richard Brook. All that stands in his way is everything...

You have discovered USS Cross, an Insignia Class Starship, under the command of Commander Joshua Hart. The primary mission of the Cross is to restore the Federation's freedom from the oppressive regime of Militarist President Richard Brook and his fleet bent on military domination of all Federation worlds - past, present and future.

Explore the depths of a mystery with an answer so shocking, it will shake what is left of the Federation to its core.

Currently, we are in the final week of Mission One: Crossroads. The abstract/synopsis follows:

With a renewed hope, the crew of the USS Cross bands together to restore the damaged ship in the hope that it can be used to rally citizens of the Federation against President Richard Brook and his militant regime.

This is not your average crew, however, assembled from the crew of other damaged or destroyed Loyalist ships, they must come together under a man labelled traitor by the Federation and War Criminal by the Klingon Empire.

Without a working starship, serving under the most damaged officer in Starfleet history and against all odds, the only thing the crew of the USS Cross has left is hope.

Once we complete that this week, we will move on to our new mission, The Graveyard. See mission abstract/synopsis below:

With the spaceframe of the USS Cross declared irreparable, the newly united crew of the Cross must come together for the first time to obtain a replacement. Despite the destruction of the Cross' body, her warp core remains intact and operational. With just a bit of research and a bit more luck, the Cross will be reborn with new meeting old. Hopefully, favors owed will aid the crew through the Graveyard.

Other Information

Due to the nature of the SIM's first mission, we were unable to exceed our post per player count from last month, but we did exceed our total posts from last month by ten. Despite the reports not being entirely about statistics, our average mission posts per player was 5.75.

Additionally, I personally applied to Fleet Project Ptah - Fleet Technology review in the hope to standardize both ship development history, specifications and deck listings, etc. I hope to hear about the selection process, for or against, soon.

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