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Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

Since we are a brand new SIM, this being our second report since starting operations almost exactly one month and one week ago, much of the site is new. Unfortunately, we are operating on the standard NOVA skin, though I hope to find a volunteer to reskin it for us in a much classier fashion.

Nearly all areas of the SIM have been set up from the ground up, from the messages to the specifications and tour, everything relevant can be found or accessed. I have some additions to make to the tour and the wiki remains untouched for the moment, but all things in due course.

Crew Updates

Commander Joshua James Everett Hart
Commanding Officer
[email protected]

Lieutenant Sorine Kaida
Executive Officer/Chief Engineering Officer

Master Chief Petty Officer Ceridwen Wyman
Chief of Boat

Captain Craig Travis
Tactical Advisor

Lieutenant Cepite Ancora
Chief Tactical/Security Officer

New Crew:
Ensign John Warren
Chief Flight Control Officer (Helmsman)

Departing Crew
Lieutenant Christian Markus
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Markus departed rather than stand down as Executive Officer or pursue another character.

Lieutenant Theodore Michael Gray PhD
Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Gray departed for health reasons and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope for the future.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sorine Kaida was promoted to full Lieutenant and has accepted the position of Executive Officer since our last report.

Ensign Cepite Ancora was promoted to Lieutenant for completion of his character biography, excellence in posting, commitment to the simulation and being our Discord social butterfly.

Story Elements

The year is 2394 and the Federation's Civil War has reached its pinnacle. The Militarist faction has won and the Federation Loyalists are in hiding or actively on the run. But just as the Federation settles, an old player resurfaces with a new vendetta against the Militarists and the Federation President, Richard Brook. All that stands in his way is everything...

You have discovered USS Cross, an Insignia Class Starship, under the command of Commander Joshua Hart. The primary mission of the Cross is to restore the Federation's freedom from the oppressive regime of Militarist President Richard Brook and his fleet bent on military domination of all Federation worlds - past, present and future.

Explore the depths of a mystery with an answer so shocking, it will shake what is left of the Federation to its core.

If you bear the cross gladly, it will bear you.

USS Cross is a Star Trek role-playing SIM that is played using Nova, a role-playing system developed by Anodyne Productions. The story begins in the year 2394 - fifteen years after the events from the last Star Trek canon movie, Star Trek: Nemesis, and it is a time of great upheaval. The Romulan Star Empire has suffered a catastrophic disaster with the nova of their sun, the Hobus star, spreading the Empire's resources thin. Starfleet is at war with itself as military minds attempt to alter the fundamental tenets of Starfleet. The Klingons continue to make bold moves outward, returning to an Empire rich in wealth and gaining more ground each day. The Gorn Hegemony faces a devastating climate change which could lead to an extinction level event. While chaos and enemies abound, USS Cross must drag itself from near destruction to become the shining beacon of freedom for those in the Federation living in fear.

Mission 0: Crossroads

With a renewed hope, the crew of the USS Cross bands together to restore the damaged ship in the hope that it can be used to rally citizens of the Federation against President Richard Brook and his militant regime.

This is not your average crew, however, assembled from the crew of other damaged or destroyed Loyalist ships, they must come together under a man labelled traitor by the Federation and War Criminal by the Klingon Empire.

Without a working starship, serving under the most damaged officer in Starfleet history and against all odds, the only thing the crew of the USS Cross has left is hope.

Current and Future hopes for the USS Cross

The Cross itself is just now being towed from its hiding place inside a cavernous asteroid in the Tungeren Nebula. The intention is to repair the ship and, quite possibly, restore order to a increasingly destabilized United Federation of Planets. With the Presidency in the hands of a militant, almost dictator, Richard Brook, those who remain loyal to the tenets of peaceful exploration - seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where none have gone before - have become hunted by a increasingly militant Starfleet.

Commander Joshua Hart, having recently escaped from the prison asteroid of Rura Penthe, has come to the USS Cross seeking the only thing he has left - hope. Searching for him are his son, MJ, and his (once) foster son, Ethan Price. With the death of his fiancee and their unborn child, Joshua Hart has little left to cling to but hope.

Crossroads, our inaugural mission, will see the crew come together to shore up the badly damaged USS Cross and tow her to a nearby facility in orbit of Joshua Hart's former command, Triton Seabase. There, she will be refit and re-crewed. However, will fate have it in store for Hart and his son to be reunited, or will a cruel twist of fate force him to take a stand and rally the remaining Loyalist ships behind the USS Cross to make a stand against President Brook?

What secrets are in store for the man branded traitor? What future lies in store for a man who had escaped the Klingon Empire's justice? Will the crew of the Cross stand behind such a man and how can the USS Cross ever be the same?

Familiar Places - Mission One of the USS Cross - is currently in the planning stages and will find our crew recovering from their tragedies while new crew arrives to take the place of fallen comrades. The USS Cross will find itself in orbit of Amphitrite, the planet on which Commander Hart's former command - Triton Seabase - stands. The ship will be repaired and refit, with the potential to visit another familiar, though deserted old place in Federation space.

The intention of this SIM will be to run out the Civil War plot that carries over from my former command of Triton Seabase before having the Cross reassigned to inconveniently distant places, getting them and their CO out of the news. Fortunately, inconveniently distant places also means exploration, science, new species and new enemies. But let's not discount the old enemies either, right?

Other Information

The USS Cross is off to an auspicious and almost greuling start. With a total of thirty six posts this month, an average of six posts per player, it is going to be difficult to keep up the pace of this small but exciting ship.

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