– December 5, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

No major changes or additions to the SIM this month, all in all it has been a difficult month for me to get things together. I hope that December provides a better opportunity to catch things up.

Crew Updates

No additions or departures this month.

Story Elements

The Graveyard

With the spaceframe of the USS Cross declared irreparable, the newly united crew of the Cross must come together for the first time to obtain a replacement. Despite the destruction of the Cross' body, her warp core remains intact and operational. With just a bit of research and a bit more luck, the Cross will be reborn with new meeting old. Hopefully, favors owed will aid the crew through the Graveyard.

Other Information

We've had some chats on Discord regarding making the SIM more character/plot oriented. What we mean by this is to give each player their own 'episode' or plot in which they are the star of the plot. One idea we've worked out is a temporal mission in which we meet our El-Aurian crewmate over several decades of history. Another idea is a computer viral infection that will require our Science Chief's specific skills. We have additional plots in the works for each player, but these are initial thoughts regarding the matter and will be developed further.

To that end, we hope to be more like Star Trek episodic television in which the crew get to shine individually as well as together, making a strong and more incorporated crew.

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Updated: December 5, 2017

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