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Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

No major updates to the look of NOVA, though we have added some specifications and images throughout the site (tour, specs, etc.). I will be adding a wiki page and mission notes since we have adopted a mission day/time stamp to our mission posts since our last report. Lieutenant Cepite Ancora has been collating the chronological placement of the current mission posts so that they may be read in a logical sense, timewise.

Mission Two, The Graveyard, officially began August 27th and already has 45 mission posts without actually HAVING a working starship (in character). This mission is intended to end the lingering concern over when this crew is actually going to serve on a working Starfleet vessel.

Of course, this means NOW would be the perfect time to join as department head positions are almost full. I believe we have the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Strategic Operations Officer as the only vacant positions, but I have two seasoned players looking at filling those roles, but as always, open positions on the Cross are first come, first served basis and we welcome players of any background from brand new (we have one or two of these players), to seasoned players with over a decade of experience. If you are interested, you can join here (insert shameless recruitment plug here):


Crew Updates

This month we gained:

Lieutenant JG Shiannah Shennas
Chief Intelligence Officer

Ensign Radek Hale
Chief Science Officer

This month, we lost:

Lieutenant JG Leya Al'Sayed
Chief Medical Officer (resigned)

Captain Craig Travis
Tactical Advisor (inactivity)

Story Elements

Now playing on the USS Cross
Episode Two: The Graveyard
With the spaceframe of the USS Cross declared irreparable, the newly united crew of the Cross must come together for the first time to obtain a replacement. Despite the destruction of the Cross' body, her warp core remains intact and operational. With just a bit of research and a bit more luck, the Cross will be reborn with new meeting old. Hopefully, favors owed will aid the crew through the Graveyard.

Current Story Arc:
Over the next several months (perhaps the next year), the USS Cross will be embroiled in a Federation Civil War. After the position of President was vacated in haste by former Federation President Nanietta Bacco, fearing for her life, a new President, Richard Brook, was hastily elected in what can only be described as a military coup. There is retrievable data that can prove the election results were tampered with, but they are stored in one of Starfleet's least accessible, high security Intelligence facilities on Andoria, affectionately dubbed the Freezer. But something more sinister than election tampering lies in wait as the President moves to militarize Starfleet and destroy any starships whose crews do not agree with his militant ideals.

Within the core worlds of the Federation, many of whom have seceded due to the President's extreme measures, some due to old enmities reignited, life goes on as normal as the Federation News Service serves as the warring President's propaganda machine. Most Federation citizens are unaware of the militant regime's hard stance on those ships who remain loyal to the tenets of peaceful exploration.

Once the crew of the USS Cross are able to restore their ship to working order, their commanding officer, Commander Joshua Hart intends to lead a resistance movement against President Brook and his militarized Starfleet.

The problem is that President Brook may not be as he seems and there will be revelations so shocking that it may shake the whole of Starfleet, Militarists and Loyalists, to their very core. Any uprising is coming to the Milky Way, but who is really leading the charge?

Other Information

I was excited to be chosen as a member of Project Ptah: Fleet Technology Review. I look forward to working with the members and the department of Innovation and Development to clear up the clutter of mish mashed data regarding specifications, deck listings, etc.

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