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Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

We've updated some of the website's imagery to keep things fresh.

In addition, I added a page for the small fleet of vessels we'll be interacting with during the fleet battles throughout this seasons. Each ship has an image, CO name, and brief description of it.

Crew Updates

We've had no substantial changes since last update.

I believe awards and promotions were listed in last month's update.

Story Elements

We're currently on Season 2, Ep 1,. The USS Defiant was deployed to the Klingon Front to aid in a rescue mission in the Deriben system. Their primary mission was to assist the fleet, but secondarily, they were sent to locate a Klingon cruiser with an advanced new cloaking device. A ground base, which had been serving as the main evacuation center for the region, now faced the specter of a Klingon attack. The Defiant and the other vessels in its battle group were sent in to hold off the attack until the ground forces could be evacuated.

After the crew established a minefield to temporarily delay the attack, the Fleet engaged the Klingons. A landing party on the surface helped hold off a Klingon landing party as the final people were beamed away to safety. Once the hospital ship made it out of the battle, the Defiant joined the fray until the order to retreat was given.

Through the course of the battle, the Federation fleet scored several wins, eliminating vessels from the larger Klingon fleet. However, following the appearance of the new Klingon stealth cruiser, two of the Klingon vessels were lost, with some significant casualties. The Defiant managed to score some hits on the craft before it cloaked and escaped.

The Defiant is currently with the rest of its battlegroup, en route to the rendezvous point. Several officers are planning a brief away mission to a nearby third-party port, where they hope to gain intelligence on the location of the Klingon cruiser.

Other Information

Not much else to add at the moment.

The next major plot point will be an attempt to locate the Klingon cruiser, at which point we will attempt to neutralize it.

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