– February 27, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

This month has been a month of change aboard Defiant.

In addition to some aesthetic changes throughout the site, we've rolled out some sim related changes. There have been numerous updates to relevant pages in the wiki.
We've also changes to the ship positions available. We've temporarily eliminated Strategic Operations as a department, at least until a good applicant comes along. The position is rather vague to begin with, requiring a writer with a pretty good sense of their character to be successful. While we briefly had a good officer there, they've ultimately switched to a different position, so the role will be temporarily suspended.

However, we've also separated the Security/Tactical office into Security Office and Tactical Office. It makes more sense to have these be different offices (a Security Chief who is busy firing the weapons can't exactly coordinate dealing with boarding parties).

Crew Updates

There have been some crew shake ups aboard Defiant this month. Our Sec/Tac Chief and Operations Chief have left the sim, this month so we'll have some new positions to fill.

We are currently in the middle of a shore leave, so we will be doing some rewards and promotions.

We do have several positions we are looking to highlight!

Executive Officer-
Though we do have a great XO right now, we're actually looking to bring in a new one. This will help with real life - sim balancing, and will introduce some new dynamics aboard Defiant!

Chief Tactical Officer and Chief Security Officer-
With our new split of this department, we'll be looking to bring on a new chief for each role.

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Counselor

Story Elements

Currently, the USS Defiant is docked at Starbase Arcadia for a shore leave. The Klingon War storyline is continuing, though will be taking a bit of a back seat for an episode or two.

While our officers are getting some relaxation, some more sinister events are afoot. A member of the crew was flamed for a murder/bombing plot, and the crew has been hard at work to unravel this plot. They may find that the answers to "Who is responsible?" and "Why?" won't be so comforting.

We'll soon be shipping out for our next mission, a diplomatic outreach effort to the Tholian Assembly, hoping to establish a neutrality treaty and block off a portion of the Klingon Border. Now's as good a time to join as any!

Other Information

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