– May 1, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

There haven't been a ton of changes to the sim itself. However, a few of the longer running player characters are being transferred in character to an NPC ship which Defiant will interact with on a few sporadic occasions. We'll be promoting the site more on recruiting websites as well in the coming month.

Crew Updates

Our Chief focus is recruiting an XO, as the current one is stepping down from that responsibility due to real life concerns, though he will be remaining on in his CMO position.

There are actually quite a few changes here. The first and by far the longest is the change in character in the Center Chair. Though I will still be the same person writing the CO out of character, our in character CO will now be Captain Charlotte Reynolds. The reasons for this are varied, but ultimately I think it will help to improve the sim through better motivation and writing from me.

This also means that we will be transitioning Chris, the current CO, into an NPC/recurring character type roll. Going with him is actually our Intelligence Chief and Second officer, Summer Gallagher. Her player character is transitioning to writing a new character, Kenna Wolff, our new Chief Strategic Operations Officer.

Our Tactical officer, Samuel Case, will be stepping down due to a real life employment concern. However, we are in the process of on-boarding a new player who will be filling that position. Additionally, we have added Andrew 'Drew' McGarrett as
Chief Security Officer.

In addition to XO, we're looking to fill the following positions:
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Operations Officer

Story Elements

Due to the staff shake up, we are currently still wrapping up last month's story elements and transitioning new crew.

We are currently wrapping up a side post where one of our officer's was implicated in the bombing of a small shop aboard Starbase Arcadia. The crew has begun to uncover a plot linking the bombing to certain elements attempting to leave the Federation. The true culprit, a Suliban Mercenary, is currently at large on the station, and the crew is working to track him down.

Other Information

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