USS Defiant 5/3 Report

USS Defiant 5/3 Report


Sim Updates

Not a lot to report. It's been a rough month on our end, due to virus stuff. Crew activity low, my own availability is low. We've taken an opportunity to do a mini-reboot, exiting the current mission to get back to an easier launching point.

Crew Updates

Not much here yet. Now that we've exited the mission, we're headed toward a brief shore leave which will include several promotions.

Positions we're looking for most:
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

We're briefly shelving the Typhon arc, so that we can get back to basics. Defiant has returned to Starbase Arcadia for repairs and the crew are getting back on their feet. When an old threat rears its head again, Defiant is outfitted for an investigation and launched to track down a wandering danger to the entire region.

Other Information



Submitted By: zero1701
Posted: May 3, 2020 11:51 pm
Updated: June 2, 2020