Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

There have been some visual updates to the site (new images, better images, etc) to help the look stay fresh. I'm currently looking into some larger alterations, but they have not been implemented yet. Last month's player to NPC transfer has been completed, and we're now moving forward with our new characters and related plots. We plan to increase the sites recruiting profile over the course of the next month.

Crew Updates

Our Chief focus is recruiting an XO, as the current one is stepping down from that responsibility due to real life concerns, though he will be remaining on in his CMO position.

Last month's transition of CO characters from Chris James to Charlotte Reynolds has been completed, and we are now moving forward with new character items in the sim. Kenna Wolff has now taken over as the player character to replace Summer Gallagher. Each of those former player characters will be returning at certain points, but will be functioning as NPCs and are no longer part of the Defiant crew.

Drew McGarrett who joined last month as Chief Security Officer is also functioning as Acting Chief Tactical Officer until the position is filled.

We unfortunately had a departure due to real life reasons.
Ensign K'Muss, our Chief Helm Officer, had to leave due to work related reasons. While we hope he will be able to rejoin us at a later date, we're looking to fill that position.

In addition to XO, we're looking to fill the following positions:
Chief Helm Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Operations Officer

Story Elements

The USS Defiant is currently in Tholian Territory, awaiting a meeting to discuss a potential border agreement that would shore up part of the Klingon Front. However, the meeting has been pushed off several times now and the crew has yet to spot even a single Tholian craft, a most unusual behavior for a xenophobic, territorial race.

Additionally, the Defiant crew recovered an escape pod from a destroyed vessel. The man they found inside revealed a terrifying truth. A group of black market traders is attempting to weaponize the pathogen produced by the Entity of the Volan Expanse. If they were to do so, it would be a biological weapon the likes of which the Quadrant hasn't seen before. Worse, the Entity appears to have some sort of telepathic link to the infected, and the use of this weapon could be endangering the region as a whole.

Other Information



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