– July 31, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

Approximate Number of Posts this Month: 24 posts + 3 logs
Major Website Updates:
Complete revamp and expansion of the tour section of the site, so
people could better visualize the different areas of the ship. A few
image changes have also taken place to give the site a fresher look.
Opened additional positions for potential recruits.

Added NPCs for the CO's of Starbase Arcadia and USS Aldrin, two temporary NPC ships/stations that the Defiant will be interacting with for the near future.

I’ve also made sure players are aware of interests they share
with other characters, in the hopes of increasing side-posts.
Almost every department now has NPCs as well, in an attempt to
encourage side posts.

In process of updating all logos on site to the new OF logos.

Crew Updates

New Crew Since Last Report:
Lieutenant JG Tophen Hox - Chief Communications Officer
K’Muss - Chief Helm Officer
Lieutenant Caroline Isley - Chief Science Officer (Returning character)

Crew Removed Since Last Report:
Ensign Jarin Alexander - Chief Helm Officer
Ensign Chloe Young - Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Total Crew: 10

Awards and promotions will be coming at the conclusion of Episode 4.

Story Elements

Current Mission Title: Episode 4: Shelley’s Monster

Mission Description:
Finally locating the USS Shelley, the Defiant crew must find a way to
stay alive while stopping a menace that has destroyed entire worlds.

The Defiant arrived at the lost colony of Lena V and began to investigate what led to the destruction of its population. On the surface, the landing party is attacked by creatures under the control of the Entity, a massive being the Defiant has been tracking for several episodes. They are forced to flee toward their shuttle to survive.
Meanwhile, in orbit, the USS Defiant investigates a satellite that has been knocked out of orbit away from the planet. They encounter a strange orange substance clinging to the satellite. The crew is able to recover the data core of the satellite, but mere moments later every star in sight suddenly disappears. The Defiant is left floating in what seems to be a void, with Lena V being the only other object they can detect.
(The crew is working to rescue the landing party currently. The science and engineering departments are also in the process of discovering that Defiant and Lena V have been pulled into a pocket universe, which is why they cannot detect anything else outside this bubble.

Longterm Plot Developments:
Hostilities along the Klingon border are slowly building. Defiant crew is concerned they'll be recalled their to deal with a potential outbreak of violence.
Additionally, Admiral Haster at Starbase Arcadia is currently overseeing a bizarrely secretive R&D project which has several on the Federation Council concerned.

Other Information

I am looking to update the banner I have in the banner exchange, but haven't heard back from anyone regarding that. Whenever someone gets a chance, I'd like to update that.

Outside of that, I am currently attempting a few different things to encourage more posting. Most of the numbers have been driven by large group posts. Very few have been happening without me involved. I'm looking to find ways to improve upon that.

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