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Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

Most of the updates for this month have been small fixes to the site (wording, pictures, etc.) and planning for next "season."

Though they are not live on the site yet, I have been in the process of writing up a new Sim description page, and drafting plot outlines for upcoming episodes. Should have more to report next month/once this episode is done.

Crew Updates

No changes for crew this month. Have two prospective applicants, but nothing has solidified yet.

10 Active Users

I have been performing crew promotions and awards after each episode, so those will likely occur before the next update. I am already lining up the most likely recipients for awards, but I have asked for crew input as well. Several promotions will be in the works next month too.

Story Elements

I don't remember exactly where we left off on last month's report, so I will cover what has occurred so far.

As the conclusion of the USS Shelley arc comes to a close, the ships is closing on the Volan Expanse Entity. The USS Defiant arrived over the destroyed Colony of Lena V to investigate the entity that caused its destruction. After sending a landing party to the surface, the Defiant went to investigate one of the orbital sensor satellites, which had spiraled away from the planet. After detecting a strange organic material on the exterior of the satellite, the Defiant conducted a spacewalk to retrieve the logs, rather than bring the substance aboard.

On the surface, the landing party located and retrieved the datalogs from a crashed sensor array, but they were separated when mind-controlled colonists swarmed them.

As the Defiant concluded their spacewalk, a bizarre phenomena occurred, blocking out all of the stars, including the Lena sun. Aboard Defiant, one of the officer's who had performed the spacewalk was inadvertently encased in the strange organic webbing from the satellite. Defiant had little choice but to head back to the planet to rescue their away team.

In a bunker on the surface, the away team find a lab filled with research on how to combat the entity's "puppets". The away team makes a run for the shuttle, as Defiant lays down suppressive fire to protect them.

Over the course of the next few days, the Defiant determines the predicament they are in. The ship and the planet Lena V have been pulled into a pocket universe, but there is nothing else there. After attempting to fly out of the area, they find that the space folds back in on itself. However, the bubble soon expands to include a variety of ships that had previously been captured by the entity, including the long lost USS Shelley.

The Defiant sends a team over to bring the old vessel back on line and investigate what information it has from its encounter with the Entity. As the away team uncovers the final fate of the vessels crew, the crew still on Defiant begin to determine a way to escape the pocket universe.

Other Information

Had a slight dip in activity this month due to work issues, but seems to be rebounding now. Also a few longer posts, which have slowed pace due to logistics.

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