USS Defiant – Aug-18

USS Defiant – Aug-18

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

We've been pushing some recruiting to try and bolster the crew more. Other than that, there have been some aesthetic changes on the site. A few image shifts and text updates. We've added an item or two to the tour section of the site as well.

Crew Updates

We've had a few changes here.

Our prospective XO candidate, Commander Vestez, unfortunately fell through due to inactivity and the player is no longer with the Defiant. In their place, Lt. Maralen Seitha will be assuming XO duties, though that moment has not yet occurred in character.

We have added Lt. Corundum Emery as Chief Helm Officer.

There are still several positions which we're looking to fill:
Chief Security Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Counselor
Assistant Chiefs or Specialists in All Departments
Enlisted Positions Available in All Departments upon request

Story Elements

After being coerced to enter a quarantined region of Tholian space, the Defiant has uncovered a disturbing situation. Numerous Tholian ships and a Tholian station were infiltrated by parasitic lifeforms that attempted (but failed) to assume control of the vessels. The plot is further complicated when the body of a Klingon emissary is uncovered, potentially the origin of the parasitic infiltration.
Simultaneously, a Defiant crewman infected with the same parasite, makes an attempt on the Captain's life. The crew is confronted by the possibility that this infiltration extends even into Starfleet.
Now aware of the threat they are up against, Defiant must make a daring escape from the Tholians in order to stop this infiltration before it gets too far.

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Posted: August 28, 2018 12:00 am
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